About Marty

Marty Friedel

I'm Marty, and I love landscape photography.

It was only in 2015 that I started to spend more time with my camera (and behind the computer post-shoot), and communities on Facebook have really sparked inspiration, allowing me to learn, grow, and work on my own vision for what I shoot.

By day I sit behind a computer as a web developer, so being outside and visiting some beautiful locations is a great contrast, and has given me the courage to be more of an explorer in my local area - and there's still so much I have yet to see.

But there's always tomorrow.

Since picking the camera up more, I've seen more sunrises than I thought was normal for a guy my age, but the peace and solitude in the early morning air is so refreshing for the body and soul.

Being an indoors kinda kid growing up, photography has helped me find a creative outlet, and ignite a healthy passion for something outdoors. But inside, I still do love my Lego and the odd video game.

To keep me busy during the week, I’m a web developer and group fitness instructor too - you can find out more about me at www.martyfriedel.com.